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PR & New Media January 2, 2010

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New media is definitely making it easier for people and companies to publicly express themselves and their opinions.  So what does this mean for the public relations field? Has new media made the lives of public relations directors easier or more difficult?

Let’s say you are a public relations professional working for a celebrity or a high-profile client like a CEO. They use and have access to new media just like everyone else, and it is a great way for them to brand themselves and create a positive and more personal public image. They are also able to get more feedback from fans and critics of their work which can be helpful in maintaining their image. This seems like an easy way for a PR professional to manage their clients, that is until something goes wrong.

On the flip side, all of the new media surrounding these types of people can make a PR professional’s life a nightmare. New media creates many more challenges for their clients because they have the ability to ruin their image themselves. Because of YouTube, social networking, and email, people can run into trouble when it comes to their personal lives. People can be fueled by emotions and post comments on their social networking sites in an instant. This can obviously create problems for the PR professional handling their business because they cannot control every little aspect of their client’s lives, they can just recommend what is right and wrong. Also, new media has the ability to ruin someone’s image in an instance if photographs that aren’t favorable get passed around, or videos that are not meant for the public go viral.

So I believe that new media is making the lives of public relations professionals just a little bit more difficult, but in a good way. At least they will remain in business when they have to salvage the image’s of people with emerging media nightmares!


Magazines VS New Media

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Magazines are obviously struggling with all of the new emerging media. The hardships magazines are facing these days are lower subscriptions, higher costs, and lower reach. There have been many magazines within the past 2 years that have been on the decline and some have even run their course. Big names like Conde Nast, who run over 20 publications, are making cut-backs when it comes to how many issues and publications are being put out on the newsstands.

Just like the newspaper industry, the magazine industry is seeing a lot of competition coming from emerging media.  People are getting their news and information faster and more conveniently through the internet now so the magazine industry seems to be falling a bit behind. The magazine industry is very different from newspaper though because magazines are more for a niche markets because they are broken down to different categories based on their content. They are perfect for reaching certain targets because of the specific nature of their content, but of course, the internet is a faster more convenient alternative.

When it comes to emerging media and magazines, new media is definitely putting a strain on the magazine industry because everything that can be found in the pages of all of these publications can be found on the internet, more importantly, on their own websites. Many publications are being forced to repeat content and other information on their website in order to keep their readership up. People are just expecting to have internet access to everything. So in order to stay up to par with new media, many magazines are getting more hits on their websites than they are getting purchases of their issues. Their online content and interactivity is more important than ever. All of the other new media outlets are being utilized as well. Many are taking advantage of YouTube and social media. Also, with smart phone technology, many publications are creating applications that can be instantly accessed by readers.

So it a fact that magazines in print are not doing so well these days, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t teaming up with new media to make their businesses better.


Cellit – Mobile Marketing Company December 29, 2009

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Cellit is a mobile marketing company with an impressive list of clients. This company supports initiatives for mobile marketing all over the world and they have testimonials to prove their success.

Some of their major clients include Ikea, Subway, Dell, Marie Claire, Phillips, VeriSign, Prudential, ReMax and Ace Hardware. Each of these companies have had proven success through Cellit’s mobile marketing campaigns. 

Case Study:

“Cellit worked with IKEA’s agency, Valassis, to develop a mobile marketing club that would provide subscribers with periodic offers and incentives, scannable with a special kiosk, creating a fun and innovative way to track redemptions.

Customers recieve offers via text, and use a specialized scanner in-store (pictured to the right) to print those offers. This workflow allows IKEA to accept mobile offers without adjusting their existing point-of-sale system.

Cellit executed the “FINDIT” mobile quiz, a “scavenger hunt” through the fall IKEA catalog.  Each participant was sent a question for which the answer could be found in the pages of the IKEA catalog. Upon successfully answering the first question, additional questions were sent – up to a total of three. Random participants were award gift certificates for participating, while one grand prize winner was given a $10,000 shopping spree.

To augment the mobile component, and reach individuals who preferred another method of entry, an IKEA FINDIT website was created that replicated the experience online.”

There are so many other examples such as this Ikea case study, the involve little work on the part of the client. The company offers mobile and web solutions for all industries on all levels and provides service specially based on the consumers needs. Cellit is only going to grow with the growth of new media, and is such an interesting company to keep track of, especially if your business is needing these services.

Cellit stays up-to-date on their news and articles!


Social Media Revolution

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I recently started working in a new position that has a focus on mobile marketing and emerging media initiatives. This video was one of the first I saw during my training period, and it very impactful.


Holiday Retail “Emerging”

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Online sales were up 18% this year along with retail sales up 3.6% for the holiday season. Does emerging media have something to do with this increase?

I know that email marketing campaigns really increased within the past month. At least once a day, the retailers that I subscribed or opt-ed in to were sending me sales promotion information for store locations and online at least once a day. Almost all of the retailers, which include J Crew, Amazon, and Macy’s, offered free shipping at least two or three times in between black Friday and Christmas Day. Since online sales were up 18% this year, it is easy to assume that new media played a role in the large increase.

Not only has there been an increase in email campaigns, but there has also been a rise in social networking when it comes to the retail industry. One great example of this would be the retailer, Michael Kors. Michael Kors transitioned from high fashion to more affordable retail in the past few years and have done numerous marketing tactics to boost business. Before the start of the fall season they introduced their Facebook site and within a week’s time had 10,000 fans. Now with over 20,000 fans, they are using their Facebook page to advertise sales promotions, new products, and overall create a better brand image by being more personal with their consumers. During the holiday season they advertised key products that were featured not only in other emerging media but also in many traditional forms as well.

Michael Kors is a great example of a company putting emerging media to use over this holiday season, and the numbers speak for themselves. Although, Michael Kors alone cannot take credit for an increase in retail sales but they are a great example of how emerging media may be affecting retail (and the economy) in a good way.


GPS = New Media ??? December 28, 2009

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Emerging media has many different outlets. Some of the most popular are email, pop-up ads, and social marketing. These new media outlets are probably the first that come to mind when choosing a marketing campaign but there is so much new technology out there that can be considered a part of the emerging media trend.

Some new technologies may include iPhone and Blackbery applications for cell phones, Bluetooth, and MP3 players. One new technology that can be considered new media would be GPS devices. GPS or navigation devices include ones that are mobile that can be moved from car to car, and there are also versions that come already installed into cars.

The reason that these GPS devices can be considered new media, is because there is potential to advertise on these devices and market your company. When using the navigation to get directions to different locations, companies can have the opportunity to have their business listed on the directory. In most GPS devices, there are categories that can be searched to find different businesses and locations.

This can definitely be considered a new media tool because it is a non-traditional form of media that can be specifically tailored to certain target markets (especially geographical locations) to reach audiences in a unique and “new” way.


Wikipedia & New Media

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 Wiki’s have been a topic of discussion in emerging media, but few may not even know what they are about.

Here is a great explanation for those who are unfamiliar to the term:

“Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between internal pages on the fly.

Wiki is unusual among group communication mechanisms in that it allows the organization of contributions to be edited in addition to the content itself.

Like many simple concepts, “open editing” has some profound and subtle effects on Wiki usage. Allowing everyday users to create and edit any page in a Web site is exciting in that it encourages democratic use of the Web and promotes content composition by nontechnical users.”

So obviously the most popular wiki on the web is Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia that can be edited and added to by the users. This can be great for those who are seeking information for personal use, but it can be challenging for use in schools. Because Wikipedia is not reviewed by scholars, the information cannot be deemed 100% accurate.

On the other hand, Wikipedia can do wonders for marketing a company, brand or product. When searching something in any search engine, a Wikipedia sight is usually one of the first few sites that pop up in the search results. This can lead users directly to a page of information on that product with links and other resources they may need. Not only do these pages get much exposure, they can be edited by the company themselves which can make the content fit their needs of their marketing campaign.

Of course there are drawbacks to using these sites, but they are becoming much more popular, and Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites on the web. The obvious drawbacks of using a Wikipedia page as a marketing resource, is that the information can be changed or altered by any user. The company would have to constantly monitor the page in order to keep their information secure.

In any case, this is one emerging media outlet that is stirring up the media world and opening up the horizons for all information seekers!